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/* $Id: editor_controller.hpp 46186 2010-09-01 21:12:38Z silene $ */
   Copyright (C) 2008 - 2010 by Tomasz Sniatowski <kailoran@gmail.com>
   Part of the Battle for Wesnoth Project http://www.wesnoth.org/

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

   See the COPYING file for more details.


#include "action_base.hpp"
#include "brush.hpp"
#include "editor_common.hpp"
#include "editor_display.hpp"
#include "editor_main.hpp"
#include "map_context.hpp"
#include "map_fragment.hpp"

#include "../controller_base.hpp"
#include "../events.hpp"
#include "../hotkeys.hpp"
#include "../key.hpp"
#include "../mouse_handler_base.hpp"
#include "../sdl_utils.hpp"
#include "../tooltips.hpp"

#include <deque>
#include <boost/utility.hpp>
#include <boost/scoped_ptr.hpp>

class config;
class map_generator;

namespace tooltips {
struct manager;

namespace font {
struct floating_label_context;

namespace rand_rng {
class rng;
struct set_random_generator;

namespace preferences {
      struct display_manager;
} // namespace preferences

namespace editor {

class brush_bar;
struct size_specs;
class terrain_palette;
class editor_map;

 * The editor_controller class containts the mouse and keyboard event handling
 * routines for the editor. It also serves as the main editor class with the
 * general logic.
00071 class editor_controller : public controller_base,
      public events::mouse_handler_base,
      private boost::noncopyable
             * The constructor. A initial map context can be specified here, the controller
             * will assume ownership and delete the pointer during destruction, but changes
             * to the map can be retrieved between the main loop's end and the controller's
             * destruction.
            editor_controller(const config &game_config, CVideo& video, map_context* init_map_context = NULL);


            /** Editor main loop */
            EXIT_STATUS main_loop();

            /** Takes a screenshot **/
            void do_screenshot(const std::string& screenshot_filename = "map_screenshot.bmp");

            /** Process a hotkey quit command */
            void hotkey_quit();

            /** Show a quit confirmation dialog and if confirmed quit with the given exit status */
            void quit_confirm(EXIT_STATUS status);

            /** Display the settings dialog, used to control e.g. the lighting settings */
            void editor_settings_dialog();

             * Shows an are-you-sure dialog if the map was modified.
             * @return true if the user confirmed or the map was not modified, false otherwise
            bool confirm_discard();

            /** Get the current map context object */
00108             map_context& get_map_context() { return *map_contexts_[current_context_index_]; }

            /** Get the current map context object - const version */
00111             const map_context& get_map_context() const { return *map_contexts_[current_context_index_]; }

            /** Get the map from the current map context object */
00114             editor_map& get_map() { return get_map_context().get_map(); }

            /** Get the map from the current map context object - const version*/
00117             const editor_map& get_map() const { return get_map_context().get_map(); }

             * Add a map context. The controller assumes ownership.
             * @return the index of the added map context in the map_contexts_ array
            int add_map_context(map_context* mc);

            /** Creates a default map context object, used to ensure there is always at least one. */
            void create_default_context();

            /** Closes the active map context. Switches to a valid context afterward or creates a dummy one. */
            void close_current_context();

            /** Switches the context to the one under the specified index. */
            void switch_context(const int index);

            /** Set the default dir (where the filebrowser is pointing at when there is no map file opened) */
            void set_default_dir(const std::string& str);

            /** Display a load map dialog and process user input. */
            void load_map_dialog(bool force_same_context = false);

            /** Display a new map dialog and process user input. */
            void new_map_dialog();

            /** Display a save map as dialog and process user input. */
            void save_map_as_dialog();

            /** Display a generate random map dialog and process user input. */
            void generate_map_dialog();

            /** Display an apply mask dialog and process user input. */
            void apply_mask_dialog();

            /** Display an apply mask dialog and process user input. */
            void create_mask_to_dialog();

            /** Display a load map dialog and process user input. */
            void resize_map_dialog();

             * Save the map under a given filename.
             * @return true on success
            bool save_map_as(const std::string& filename);

             * Save the map under a given filename. Displays an error message on failure.
             * @return true on success
            bool save_map(bool display_confirmation = false);

             * Create a new map.
            void new_map(int width, int height, t_translation::t_terrain fill, bool new_context);

             * Check if a map is already open.
             * @return index of the map context containg the given filename,
             *         or map_contexts_.size() if not found.
            size_t check_open_map(const std::string& fn) const;

             * check_open_map shorthand
             * @return true if the map is open, false otherwise
00186             bool map_is_open(const std::string& fn) const {
                  return check_open_map(fn) < map_contexts_.size();

             * Check if a map is already open. If yes, switch to it
             * and return true, return false otherwise.
            bool check_switch_open_map(const std::string& fn);

             * Load a map given the filename
            void load_map(const std::string& filename, bool new_context);

             * Revert the map by reloading it from disk
            void revert_map();

             * Reload the map after ot has significantly changed (when e.g. the dimensions changed).
             * This is necessary to avoid issues with parts of the map being cached in the display class.
            void reload_map();

             * Refresh everything, i.e. invalidate all hexes and redraw them. Does *not* reload the map.
            void refresh_all();

            /** command_executor override */
            bool can_execute_command(hotkey::HOTKEY_COMMAND, int index = -1) const;

            /** command_executor override */
            hotkey::ACTION_STATE get_action_state(hotkey::HOTKEY_COMMAND command, int index) const;

            /** command_executor override */
            bool execute_command(hotkey::HOTKEY_COMMAND command, int index = -1);

            /** Menu expanding for open maps list */
            void expand_open_maps_menu(std::vector<std::string>& items);

            /** controller_base override */
            void show_menu(const std::vector<std::string>& items_arg, int xloc, int yloc, bool context_menu);

            /** Cycle to the next brush. */
            void cycle_brush();

            /** Show the preferences dialog */
            void preferences();

            /** Grid toggle */
            void toggle_grid();

            /** Copy the selection on the current map to the clipboard */
            void copy_selection();

            /** Cut the selection from the current map to the clipboard */
            void cut_selection();

            /** Export the WML-compatible list of selected tiles to the system clipboard */
            void export_selection_coords();

            /** Fill the selection with the foreground terrain */
            void fill_selection();

             * Set the current mouse action based on a hotkey id
            void hotkey_set_mouse_action(hotkey::HOTKEY_COMMAND command);

             * @return true if the mouse action identified by the hotkey is active
            bool is_mouse_action_set(hotkey::HOTKEY_COMMAND command) const;

            void update_mouse_action_highlights();

            /* mouse_handler_base overrides */
            void mouse_motion(int x, int y, const bool browse, bool update);
            editor_display& gui() { return *gui_; }
            const editor_display& gui() const { return *gui_; }
            bool allow_mouse_wheel_scroll(int x, int y);
            bool right_click_show_menu(int x, int y, const bool browse);
            bool left_click(int x, int y, const bool browse);
            void left_drag_end(int x, int y, const bool browse);
            void left_mouse_up(int x, int y, const bool browse);
            bool right_click(int x, int y, const bool browse);
            void right_drag_end(int x, int y, const bool browse);
            void right_mouse_up(int x, int y, const bool browse);

            void set_mouseover_overlay();
            void clear_mouseover_overlay();

            /* controller_base overrides */
            void process_keyup_event(const SDL_Event& event);
            mouse_handler_base& get_mouse_handler_base();
            editor_display& get_display();

            /** Get the current brush */
            brush* get_brush();

            /** Get the current mouse action */
            mouse_action* get_mouse_action();

             * Perform an action, then delete the action object.
             * The pointer can be NULL, in which case nothing will happen.
            void perform_delete(editor_action* action);

             * Peform an action on the current map_context, then refresh the display
             * and delete the pointer. The pointer can be NULL, in which case nothing will happen.
            void perform_refresh_delete(editor_action* action, bool drag_part = false);

             * Peform an action on the current map_context, then refresh the display.
            void perform_refresh(const editor_action& action, bool drag_part = false);

             * Callback for the editor settings dialog to allow on-the-fly
             * updating of the lighting display on the game map behing the dialog
            void editor_settings_dialog_redraw_callback(int r, int g, int b);

            /** init the display object and general set-up */
            void init_gui(CVideo& video);

            /** init the sidebar objects */
            void init_sidebar(const config& game_config);

            /** init the brushes */
            void init_brushes(const config& game_config);

            /** init the mouse actions (tools) */
            void init_mouse_actions(const config& game_config);

            /** init available random map generators */
            void init_map_generators(const config& game_config);

            /** init the available time-of-day settings */
            void init_tods(const config& game_config);

            /** init background music for the editor */
            void init_music(const config& game_config);

            /** Load editor-specific tooltips */
            void load_tooltips();

            void redraw_toolbar();

            /** Reload images */
            void refresh_image_cache();

             * Refresh the display after an action has been performed.
             * The map context contains details of what needs to be refreshed.
            void refresh_after_action(bool drag_part = false);

             * Replace the current map context and refresh accordingly
            void replace_map_context(map_context* new_mc);

             * Callback function passed to display to be called on each redraw_everything run.
             * Redraws toolbar, brush bar and related items.
            void display_redraw_callback(display&);

             * Undos an action in the current map context
            void undo();

             * Redos an action in the current map context
            void redo();

            boost::scoped_ptr<rand_rng::rng> rng_;

            boost::scoped_ptr<rand_rng::set_random_generator> rng_setter_;

            /** The currently opened map context object */
00378             std::vector<map_context*> map_contexts_;

            /** Index into the map_contexts_ array */
00381             int current_context_index_;

            /** The display object used and owned by the editor. */
00384             boost::scoped_ptr<editor_display> gui_;

            /** Available random map generators */
00387             std::vector<map_generator*> map_generators_;

            /** Pre-defined time of day lighting settings for the settings dialog */
00390             std::vector<time_of_day> tods_;

            /** Legacy object required by the legacy terrain palette and brush bar */
00393             boost::scoped_ptr<size_specs> size_specs_;

            /** The terrain palette */
00396             boost::scoped_ptr<terrain_palette> palette_;

            /** The brush selector */
00399             boost::scoped_ptr<brush_bar> brush_bar_;

            /* managers */
            boost::scoped_ptr<preferences::display_manager> prefs_disp_manager_;
            tooltips::manager tooltip_manager_;
            boost::scoped_ptr<font::floating_label_context> floating_label_manager_;

            /** Quit main loop flag */
00407             bool do_quit_;
            EXIT_STATUS quit_mode_;

            /** All available brushes */
00411             std::vector<brush> brushes_;

            /** The current brush */
00414             brush* brush_;

            typedef std::map<hotkey::HOTKEY_COMMAND, mouse_action*> mouse_action_map;
            /** The mouse actions */
00418             mouse_action_map mouse_actions_;

            typedef std::map<hotkey::HOTKEY_COMMAND, std::string> mouse_action_string_map;
            /** Usage tips for mouse actions */
00422             mouse_action_string_map mouse_action_hints_;

            /** The current mouse action */
00425             mouse_action* mouse_action_;

            /** Toolbar-requires-redraw flag */
00428             bool toolbar_dirty_;

            /** Palette's active fg tereain */
00431             t_translation::t_terrain foreground_terrain_;

            /** Palette's active fg tereain */
00434             t_translation::t_terrain background_terrain_;

            /** Clipboard map_fragment -- used for copy-paste. */
00437             map_fragment clipboard_;

            /** Flag to rebuild terrain on every terrain change */
00440             int auto_update_transitions_;

            bool use_mdi_;

            /** Default directory for map load/save as dialogs */
00445             std::string default_dir_;

} //end namespace editor


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